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AI-NLP Services

DCM Virtual Reality - AI-NLP - services are centered on building more immersive and interactive customer experiences. Most people are fed-up of using fixed configuration Chabot’s because they don’t understand the way humans interact in natural conversational. The services are also designed to unify various interaction databases to create an Omni channel strategy and modernize your applications on public cloud platforms.


1. Virtual Reality – Using VR to bring in life to your Chatbots

Human beings can run on emotion and logic or sometimes both. User behavior, and its context, is often led by these factors. Moreover, the way humans express their emotions frequently changes.

Our Virtual Reality (VR) Assistants are designed in a way that captures human intent and their emotions. Humans prefer visuals and personal communication. They tend to talk to someone who understands their problem/ queries and offer them best solution that makes their life easier. Our Virtual Agent is an agent that looks, talks, reads and gives hand gestures and facial expressions like a human. The future of VR Assistants would be that companies would replace the plain , normal boring kiosk with only chat options with the VR kiosk to assist their customers and enhance their user experience.

It gives our customers flexibility select their own 3 Dimensional scenes or background and gender of the BOT based on their end user preferences or application suitability. This VR agent simulates a conversation to deliver voice or text based information to a user via web or mobile interface. It incorporates natural language processing, domain knowledge and visual appearance that changes according to content and context of the dialogue.

2. Converational AI

Our conversational AI is a set of technologies that enables BOT to understand, process and respond to voice or texts inputs in natural ways. IT also help people interact with complex systems in faster and easier ways.

As our world becomes more digital, Conversational AI is being used to enable communication between computers and humans.

Conversational AI can drive more relevant interactions by predicting the real intent of customers, including their emotions, sentiments, and intent to drive personalized conversations.

Understanding the nuances of human speech and predicting the customer intent, sentiment and emotion has made it possible to offer personalized customer experience across all channels. In addition, AI and NLP have also driven automation of routine repetitive tasks drive in more efficiencies and cost reductions in the contact center.

3. Omni Channel Contact Center

An effective omnichannel strategy provides customers with a consistent experience across all physical and digital channels—seamless access to products and services wherever, whenever, and however customers want to engage.

We have proven integrations with cloud based IVRs, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger etc. Which means you could interact with the BoT in the medium of choice – you could call a phone number, you could connect and chat via WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger or invoke the Virtual Assistant from a Mobile App or a Web App link.

4. Natural Language Understanding

Building context is critical to any NLP based engine. While all the public cloud platforms have a Machine Learning capability, the models need to be built and given the right context. That is what makes the BoT worthwhile. As part of our service our team will sit with your customer service team or your service desk team to identify the typical conversations that people have for a given process. To explain this point further – one person may say I am not being able to login to my system while another may say my password is not working. One aspect is that the BoT should understand the synonyms of the language. On the other hand, if the BoT is for a service desk process then it should take action while if it is for an HR process it should be able to say that it cannot perform the task.

5. Multi Lingual

Having a Virtual Reality assistant with deep Human Intelligence won’t make any difference to your customers unless it talks to your customers in their natural / local language they are comfortable with. We can build conversations in different languages and also take the use of different APIs available to create normal conversations with a user in their choice of languages. In most cases these are autosensing. You can visit one use case of an auto sensing English / Mandarin video here.

6. Architecture

Our architecture is designed to be agnostic to the cloud service provider, work on different presentation layers whether mobile or web based and can incorporate other tools to help build analytics from it.

7. Seamless Integrations Supported

Our team has been building various integrations with software packages and third party or Open Source APIs to help easy deployments. We have already integrated with packages like ServiceNow, Windows AD etc.

As part of the project our team will look at which packages need to be integrated, the facilities available – like open APIs to connect with Rest API based programs


8. Available On Public Cloud

The key advantage of our method is that you can evaluate the viability of taking a omni channel Bot without having to go in for capital expenditure. In addition we can port it on the cloud platform of your choice –AWS, Oracle, azure etc. And utilize the different benefits that each platform provides. For example AWS would be quick and easy to deploy while oracle would have much deeper querying capabilities. We help you select the right option for your given application/process. Our solution is integrated with open source applications and in house legacy systems ensuring seamless customer experience.