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Cloud Services

In the last couple of years, Cloud computing has become mainstream. Organizations have started looking at Cloud first as a strategic initiative.However deciding on the priority to take the journey to the cloud is tough due to plethora of choices available in the market.Similarly, should you be looking at the cloud only for new applications or should you also prioritize on how to move the legacy applications.A mid-size company may get bogged down with the multitude of choices and the complexity of handling Hybrid environments.That’s where we come in. We help you identify the applications that can be moved to the cloud and the sequence in which they should be migrated.Since we have capabilities on the three large public IaaS providers, we can advise you on which cloud service provider to use for your given applications.

Many enterprises are moving towards a hybrid solution where they have some applications on the public cloud, but retain their critical applications on the private cloud. We can help you build your private cloud based on the appropriate technologies.  And then help you manage across the public cloud and private cloud infrastructure.
Centralized and Proactive Virtual Infrastructure Management
Operations management disciplines are converging on the cloud. Performance and capacity management are becoming inseparable due to the dynamic nature of converged infrastructure. Traditional tools and processes designed for a silo-type, static physical infrastructure doesn’t provide the automation and control needed to effectively manage highly virtualized private cloud environments. 
Our solution provides the following:
  • Delivers intelligent operations management with complete visibility from application to storage, across physical, virtual, and  cloud infrastructure.
  • Predictive analytics in-built, to provide smart alerts that enables proactive identification and remediation of issues.
  • Automates key processes and improve IT efficiency using policy-based automation.
  • Delivers unified management, comprehensive visibility across applications and infrastructure in one place.


Most organizations initially test waters with some small new application on the cloud.Since the application itself is new, the pains of migrations, tuning etc. do not come up in this scenario.The challenges arise when you have to look at moving an existing application to the cloud.That’s when you have to think in terms of your Hypervisor, your network, your database etc.  Read more


Though organizations have a strategic plan in place to solve their critical business challenges by leveraging on cloud technology, their existing physical architecture may not allow for a straight forward lift and shift migration to the cloud. Read more

Migrating and Deployment

To keep the cloud transition or migration risk free, it is required that enterprises get access to reliable cloud service partners who have the experience and expertise to make the cloud implementation painless and seamless. Organizations may not have the requisite skilled resources, the IT Policies framework or knowledge on security requirements which may as a consequence impede the transitioning and deployment to the cloud. Read More  

Managed Services 

With our cloud managed services, you can be assured of quality support on your public, hybrid or private cloud architecture. Let us manage your cloud, so that your resources are free to focus on higher-value projects driving innovation whilst we do the day-to-day management. Read More 

Monitoring & Help Desk 

In today’s day and age your customers need to access services 24x7 through a device which is convenient to them.  The IT systems therefore need to be robust enough to handle the load at all points of time. Applications however cannot be stress tested for all scenarios given the ‘agile’ development methodology which are now being followed. Multiple applications interacting with each other cause the problem to compound and identification of failure cumbersome to detect. Read More 


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