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Most organizations initially test waters with some small new application on the cloud.Since the application itself is new, the pains of migrations, tuning etc. do not come up in this scenario.The challenges arise when you have to look at moving an existing application to the cloud.That’s when you have to think in terms of your Hypervisor, your network, your database etc.    

Taking a decision to make a move to the cloud then is a challenging task - especially when the organizations have the responsibility of data security and high availability for various applications.Our team of specialists can guide you through your cloud transitioning process and help cut traditional infrastructure costs, mitigate software installation & implementation glitches and ensure data security.
Our Cloud Consultants would engage with you to demystify your cloud queries:
  • Cloud service assessment 
  • Enterprise architecture 
  • SaaS selection
  • Cloud service delivery planning   
  • Proof of concept 
  • Data migration strategy
  • Compliances and security 
  • Back up & DR 
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