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Desktop Virtualization- VDI

Desktop virtualization can provide a stable operating system environment for users across your company while decreasing overheads. Centrally managed desktop virtualization requires less maintenance and administration by your IT staff and provides greater flexibility to patch, update, or upgrade desktops as needed. 

Desktop virtualization infrastructure also lets you extend desktops to the home worker or traveler without compromising your company’s security. Low-power “thin clients” and flat panels can also decrease your office power utilization by as much as 70%. With public IaaS, you can make your journey to VDI a very real possibility.

Desktop virtualization systems work with thin clients, existing Windows, Linux, and Macintosh clients, or over a secure webpage for flexible deployment. And you can centrally manage desktop images for better security and performance:
  • Deploy and upgrade applications easily from a central repository.
  • Implement secure computing from any endpoint.
  • Roll out new desktops and applications in minutes instead of days.
  • Reduce energy costs with lower power systems.
We provide complete VDI  cloud solutions on: 
  • IBM® SoftLayer®
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) 
  • Microsoft® Azure®

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