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Digital Workplace

Today technologies like cloud have made computing a utility and are having a massive impact on the way business activities are undertaken.To be able to make the most of these technologies, you need to transform the way your organization runs its processes and thinks about its business.To be able to do this, new competencies have to be created in the organization to help become more agile, innovative and efficient.

Companies buy and implement tools to achieve digital transformation, but in most organizations the utilization of the tool’s functionality is very limited, in some cases less than 10%.Our offerings are centered around helping customers implement the tools and help them increase the return on the investments that they have made on these tools.

Office on the Cloud- O365 

Office 365 is a productivity suite.  Most companies stop after just migrating mail to the cloud.  Our services are directed to getting you a higher return on your investment in the Office 365 suite. Read More 

Desktop Virtualization -VDI

Desktop virtualization can provide a stable operating system environment for users across your company while decreasing overheads. Read More 

Enterprise App Store

We are all familiar with the concept of “App Store” for the Smart phones, where a set of applications are available and user can download them based on their needs.Read More 

User Experience Monitoring

When you embark on a journey for digital transformation, the user experience is crucial for ensuring the adoption of the productivity solutions. Read More 

Endpoint Security

End points are normally the weakest link in the corporate network.  Most of the time the methods to break-in are publicly known vulnerabilities that the end users have not taken steps to prevent. Read More 
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