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Endpoint Security

End points are normally the weakest link in the corporate network.  Most of the time the methods to break-in are publicly known vulnerabilities that the end users have not taken steps to prevent.Our services are centered on monitoring end point vulnerabilities and in case of targeted attacks on a given type of systems, we quarantine the systems and curtail the spread of the malware. 

Our End Point Management services cover:

  • Servers – Patch Management, License Compliance, hardening of systems
  • Desktop/Laptops – Patch Management, license compliance, asset management, license usage analysis
  • Mobile Devices – Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Identity Management, Mobile Content Management
  • Vulnerability Assessment and mitigation – Monitoring incidents and events, isolating the threatened systems to stop the spread of an attack and strengthen and reduce the vulnerabilities
  1. Continuous enforcement of security and regulatory policies with up-to-the minute visibility of compliance status.
  2. Automatic quarantine actions that isolate out of compliance endpoints until remediation is complete.
  3. Reduced patching cycles from days or weeks to hours with a 98 per cent first-pass success rate.

 Mobile Device Management

Till a few years back, Mobile Device Management used to be different from desktop management.With the advent of the Windows 10 and the recent versions of IOS, the OS on the mobile device, laptop & tablet is similar.Which means the management of the devices gets more streamlined.

This also brings in more complexity to the environment because you could have a policy of BYOD along with company owned devices.  To operate in this environment our mobility services ensure secure access to mobile devices, managing the enterprise app store, quarantining a device, wiping it and backing it up.  

In addition since there is a whole lot of data which a UEM accumulates, we help you run analytics on it and see trends which can help you reduce your costs and increase productivity.

Closed Loop Security 

Generally people look at endpoint security, network security, SIEM in isolation.Our Closed Loop Security services take a holistic view of the security posture of the organization.

We believe that the end-points are the weakest link in the organization’s security posture; we need to monitor it on a continuous basis.Similarly there are a lot of Security incidents/ events which are getting monitored by the SIEM solution that you may have. We look at correlating, analyzing and using analytics on the multiple tools that you use to identify and mitigate risks.

As an example if the SIEM package is throwing up alerts about a specific type of targeted attack on a set of end points, then we isolate and quarantine the end points using the end point management tool.We analyze the SIEM data and identify the vulnerability that the attacker was targeting and look for a remediation.Using the endpoint management tool we patch the endpoints which had the vulnerability. As a next step we then scan all the endpoints to see if the vulnerability exists in any other system and we patch them also.



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