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Enterprise App Store

We are all familiar with the concept of “App Store” for the Smart phones, where a set of applications are available and user can download them based on their needs. With the commoditization of IT, users often ask “why can’t we have a similar facility on our Enterprise workstation?

The major benefits of Enterprise App Store are:

  • Enhanced User Experience
  • Quick Installation of desired application in minutes
  • Just couple of clicks required
  • Automated Approvals where required
  • Automated Software deployment
  • Automated check on License Usage
  • Optimize Software License Usage
The solution to achieve the above goal of Automated Software Deployment via Enterprise App Store has been built by integrating the following tools and building the workflows:
  • Self Service Center from IBM Smart Cloud Control Desk
  • Developed Workflow for taking approvals etc
  • Developed Scripts to deploy software
  • IBM BigFix for software deployment
  • IBM Software Use Analysis tool
  • Built our solution for integrating the above tools and automating the workflow


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