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Migrating and Deployment

To keep the cloud transition or migration risk free, it is required that enterprises get access to reliable cloud service partners who have the experience and expertise to make the cloud implementation painless and seamless. Organizations may not have the requisite skilled resources, the IT Policies framework or knowledge on security requirements which may as a consequence impede the transitioning and deployment to the cloud.

The challenge that companies encounter with their application migration is that when applications are running in-house they are tuned to dedicated servers.  However on a public cloud all the resources are shared so the application response changes and users start having issues with performance of the application.

DCM’s managed cloud service offerings are a comprehensive suite of cloud workload migration and deployment plans which result in minimum business disruption by leveraging cloud platforms like IBM Cloud, Microsoft Azure & AWS.

We offer the following Migration services :

  • Data center Migration 
  • Application Migration 
  • Database Migration 
These services are provided by our skilled cloud consultants and engineers, proficient in managing the migration of existing applications, refactoring legacy applications or designing a new application to make it cloud-ready. Our approach for cloud migration starts with the feasibility assessment of your existing IT infrastructure, applications, processes, and policies followed by planning the migration methodology keeping technical feasibility and cost savings in mind. 


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