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Monitoring and Help Desk

In today’s day and age your customers need to access services 24x7 through a device which is convenient to them.  The IT systems therefore need to be robust enough to handle the load at all points of time. Applications however cannot be stress tested for all scenarios given the ‘agile’ development methodology which are now being followed. Multiple applications interacting with each other cause the problem to compound and identification of failure cumbersome to detect.

DCM Monitoring services encompass use of different tools to monitor the health and performance of Systems, Network, Storage devices, Operating Systems, Applications, Databases, and Backups. This gives a high level visibility to management of IT components in a data center and helps in taking proactive steps in identifying and resolving issues even before they occur and help prevent critical impact on business.
Specialists at our NOC facility are equipped to monitor the customer’s IT infrastructure on a 24x7 basis and help achieve desired IT service level goals.  Our expertise is on tools like AppDynamics, ServiceNow, SolarWinds, Splunk, Zenoss and IBM Netcool/ICD.These services are designed to improve the performance and reliability of your applications. By providing pro-active services in monitoring, we are able to dramatically reduce the number of L3 & L2 tickets. So support costs come down and overall performance levels go-up. 
DCM provides:
  • Monitoring & Help Desk Services (Onsite / Offshore) for :
  • System monitoring, Handling of alerts and Reporting on dedicated / shared Model
  • Single Point of contact
  • Ticket Assignment 
  • Escalation Management 
  • Online Dashboard
  • 24 x 7 Monitoring/ Help desk 
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