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User Experience Monitoring

When you embark on a journey for digital transformation, the user experience is crucial for ensuring the adoption of the productivity solutions. Similarly the performance of customer facing applications determines the popularity of the site and therefore the growth in revenues.

More complex, more distributed and more dynamic than ever before, the modern IT environment needs application performance monitoring and management that matches its agility. Inadequate application performance can directly affect a business, hurting brand image or cutting into revenue as customers struggle to complete transactions.

Application Performance Management (APM) is evolving and growing rapidly, shifting from the legacy of monitoring the network infrastructure to one ensuring the user experience performs well. The increased use of the Web, cloud and mobile applications demand complex products for network engineers and managers to track their performance.

DCM’s APM services

Our APM solutions help the clients to identify the root cause of delayed/failed transaction and fix them. The application and hosted server are proactively monitored thereby minimizing business impact and help keep clients happy.
We monitor the applications (based on Java, .net and PHP) along with the databases such as Oracle, MYSQL and PostgreSQL and provide code level performance analysis. This granular analysis helps the application developers to fix the specific code/query proactively to ensure flawless application performance. In addition, we:
  • Monitor the servers where the applications are hosted for their performance and raise an alert in case of any spike in the system process or the network utilization
  • Help reduce L2 and L3 escalations because of the pro active monitoring that we provide.  
  • Use analytic tools to predict possibilities of failure and take corrective action thereby reducing downtimes
So you get reduced cost and increased productivity.
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