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IT Process Automation

Automation is a nice concept to talk about and has very clear benefits in terms of reducing errors, improving efficiency and reducing costs.However there is no one tool which can handle all kinds of automation needs in your organization. 

What has to be understood is the area where automation can have the maximum impact, do a pilot see if the hypothesis is correct and then do a roll out.

Our historical capabilities on the infrastructure and operations side have helped us in isolating a few tools which help in definitely reducing costs and improving efficiencies.Many IT organizations use scripts to automate tasks. This may work  for well designed tasks, such as provisioning a server.Yet scripting has its own drawbacks, particularly for more complex IT workflows that cross processes and domains.As IT processes change and scripts need to be modified, your simple home grown scripts become whole time programming. 

Our team helps in identifying the bottlenecks in the processes, prioritise the automation, implement and then help in building future automation strategies based on knowledge gathered.

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