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Automation can help companies improve the predictability and reliability of the processes and also reduce costs. Initially through automation, the manufacturing companies got immense productivity benefits on the factory floor. Similar productivity benefits are expected with the automation of IT processes and other enterprise workflows.

Our automation services center around the core IT Operations of the Data Center, the processes for IT service desk / Enterprise service delivery and then around DevOps for Continuous Delivery / Continuous Integration

You could identify a process / application and check us out on how automation can help in improving the throughput of the application / process.  Or you could use the services of our architects and consultants in identifying, streamlining, implementing various tools and getting the benefits of automation.

Our automation services are centered around:

  • IT Service Management & Enterprise Service Management
  • DevOPs
In our continuous endeavor to help companies improve their IT operations and make them more agile, we are making investments in building capabilities around cognitive tools in the market.  While these are early days of cognitive helping IT Operations, we believe the acceleration in this direction is clearly visible and we are geared to help our customers adapt these tools.
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